Integrated Healing

Integrated Healing is one of the most advanced forms of Kinesiology currently available, combining Kinesiology, Life Coaching and NLP to create a powerful and effective approach to healing.

Using this combination, the Kinesiologist restores balance in your body by eliminating energetic and psychological blockages, whilst honouring the wisdom of your own body and restoring its natural healing ability.

Healing takes place on three levels in your being: Cellular, Spiritual and Genetic. As Integrated Healing works holographically, it balances and clears dysfunctions and/or issues on all three levels at the same time. It integrates the healing on every dimension of your being and includes built-in safety tests that prevent healing crises.

It was developed to focus on the issues that most kinesiologies don’t address such as Self-Sabotage Programmes, Survival programmes, Inner Child Healing, Soul Integration, Deep Level Neurological Switching, Clearing the Impact of Negative Amygdala Memories and many others.

Integrated Healing incorporates the ‘tools for change’ used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming to:

  • Ensure that you, the client, create a clearly defined outcome;
  • Confirm that you ‘Choose’ and ‘Own’ your new healed state;
  • Expose any secondary gain programs that may hinder your healing;
  • Fill the ‘void’ that may be left by clearing redundant programs;
  • Tests and reinforces your ‘Knowing and Believing’ that healing has taken place.