About Me

Angiras AuroMy name is Angiras Auro. My aim as a healer is to enable you, the client, to heal yourself through an understanding of your body: physically, nutritionally and emotionally. I simply facilitate the healing.

My interest in healing began when I was very young. Throughout my teens I trained in massage, polarity therapy and took my Reiki Level 1 at sixteen.

I firmly believe in the consciousness of our cells and discovered in Kinesiology a simple way of accessing information contained in the body, right down to the cells. Our journey is an adventure of consciousness and developing our awareness of ourselves.

After discovering the benefits of Kinesiology in 2001, I embarked on training and qualified as a practitioner in 2004. I am continuously adding to my skills and I usually attend two to three Continuing Professional Development courses a year. As well as being registered with the Association of Systematic Kinesiology, I am also a Reiki practitioner, registered with the UK Reiki Federation.